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Maeve Harris
 Maeve Harris born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1976, Maeve fell in love with the creative process at an early age. In 1994, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Arizona State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography. Her work in photographic processes carried into printmaking and continued into painting.

Influenced by natural and organic forms, Maeve Harris renders expressions of color and light. An avid equestrian as a child, she pulls images from her passion for horses and the art of dressage. “It is a truly beautiful experience between humans and animals to communicate through body, mind, and motion.”

Created with a variety of inks and pigments, her paintings reveal a focus on the medium itself. She is interested in the integration of traditional subject matter with contemporary styles and techniques.

Travel and adventure are an important part of her life and she draws from her experiences an optimistic and wholehearted spirit. She enjoys love, laughter, and a good bottle of wine, and is a storyteller at heart. Currently she resides in Seattle, WA and paints from her studio in Pioneer Square.
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