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  • How do I go about selecting artwork?
  • Like music, artwork is often a subjective preference. Sometimes an image will appeal to you emotionally, making a connection that you may or may not be able to explain. At other times, you might select a piece based on color, theme or size to work with your home or office decor.
  • How do you select your artwork?
  • We are constantly searching for new and unique artwork at exhibitions, festivals, through artist referrals, during world-wide travels, etc. We have an art committee that reviews each piece to determine if it should become a part of our collection. Refer to our “For Artists” section for more information on our selection process.
  • How do I know the artwork is authentic?
  • Each Artaissance piece printed on paper is embossed with the Artaissance chop mark to prove authenticity. With canvas reproductions, the chop mark is stamped on the back of the canvas. A certificate of authenticity also accompanies each limited edition.
  • Why do you offer custom sizing?
  • We know it can be frustrating when the piece of art you love does not fit the space you have in mind. We’ve eliminated that frustration by making the art available in the size you need while staying true to the original artist’s vision by keeping the sizing proportional.
  • How large can I order my artwork?
  • Based on the original dimensions of the artwork, your piece will be proportionately sized, with the shortest side not to exceed 54 inches on canvas or 32 inches on paper. The maximum size for the corresponding side is 102 inches on canvas or 52 inches on paper.
  • How small can I order my artwork?
  • The minimum dimension for either side is 6 inches for both canvas and paper.
  • Why should I custom frame my artwork?
  • Custom framing will allow you to add the final touch to your artwork - defining it to fit your own particular taste, style and decor preference. Custom framing is the best way to uniquely personalize your piece as well as protect your artwork.
  • How do I select a custom picture framer?
  • The Artaissance Retailers we refer are highly recommended professional framers and are respected for the quality of their work.
  • How will I receive the artwork?
  • You have the choice to have the artwork directly shipped to you or to your Artaissance retailer for a pick-up. If your Artaissance retailer has delivery capabilities, you can arrange with them to have your order delivered.
  • How do I clean my artwork?
  • If the artwork is framed under glass, simply moisten a cloth and wipe the glass. If the artwork is canvas, lightly dust the face of the artwork. Never use liquid cleaners (even water) directly on the canvas.
  • What if my artwork arrives damaged?
  • We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase. Your Artaissance Retailer will inspect the artwork when it arrives in their shop. If for any reason, the art arrives damaged, we will replace it immediately.
  • How can I learn more about the terms that are used to discuss art?
  • Please visit our Glossary of Terms page.