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Giclee - Art Reproductions

At Art That Fits, our goal is to bring to you a fantastic selection of high-quality fine reproductive art prints for your home. We’ve researched different printing methods, and we believe the giclee process offers the best quality and most desirable characteristics – accurate colors, custom sizes, and archival quality. Below is more information about the processes and products we use to bring Art That Fits fine art reproductions to your home.


What is a giclee?


A giclee is an advanced printmaking technology where images are generated from high resolution digital scans and then printed with archival inks onto various substrates. The substrates include archival paper and canvas, which are both options for printing your selected image at Art That Fits.


The term giclee – from the French verb “glicer” meaning “to squirt, to spray”, first applied to “Iris Prints” created on inkjet printers in the early 1990’s. Today, the term is used to represent any high quality digital print used as fine art.


Although the term giclee is broadly used, all giclees are not the same. There are definite quality differences, so it’s important to make sure you purchase your giclee prints from a reputable company that follows strict guidelines for quality.


What are the advantages of an Art That Fits giclee print?


One very important advantage of an Art That Fits Giclee is that our process provides better color accuracy with its deep blacks, saturations and gradations, which are hard to achieve with other printing methods. We use state of the art digital cameras, scanners and printers to capture the look and essence of the original artwork.


Customization is another important advantage. At Art That Fits, images are digitally captured and archived, which means the image can be printed on-demand, rather than printing large inventories all at once. Because of this process, we can offer you the opportunity to custom-size the image for your home space as well as select the substrate (canvas or paper) for the art.


Art That Fits Giclees are also created with archival quality products that resist deterioration, ensuring your fine art reproduction will look its best over time.


Are giclees accepted in the art world?


Absolutely. Giclee prints can be found in many of the most prestigious museums including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Museum of Modern Art. Giclees have also been bought and sold in prestigious auctions worldwide and have sold in the tens of thousands of dollars. Although giclees are not originals, the quality of this printing method is widely recognized.


Understanding giclee pricing


As you look for art for your home, you will most likely find that pricing varies a great deal. Understanding the “why?” behind this pricing variance most often lies in the different types of printing techniques and the quality of the products used.


Two types of art that you may be familiar with are original art and poster art. Original works of art are of course one-of-a-kind pieces, making them the most valuable and the most expensive. Poster art is probably the most widely-seen and readily available. They are most often run in very large quantities using high-volume print methods (lithography). The pricing for poster art is generally the least expensive.


At Art That Fits, we produce high quality giclees. In our process, the original art is first captured using the most technically advanced digital methods available. This process captures the most intricate details of the original - allowing us to bring the quality and subtle nuances the artist intended to you.


Next we print this image directly on to first-quality canvas or paper using the giclee method of printing. Giclee, a French word pronounced Zhee-Clay, literally means “spray”.


The most sophisticated inkjet printing process today, giclee printing involves spraying tiny pixels of archival ink for rich, long-lasting color. These colors mix on the surface of the paper or canvas to create true colors, rather than the dots the eye has to blend together, which is typically seen with high volume printing methods. The result is a reproduction that is much more like the original work of art.


In addition to using the highest grade giclee printers, archival inks and papers, we also have trained, skilled professionals overseeing the quality of each individual piece of art as it’s printed. Your art image will be custom printed to meet your exact size requirements and on the substrate (paper or canvas) of your choice. With this process and attention to detail, we can ensure that your piece of art is as beautiful as the artist’s vision.


Because of the quality of the image and the archival products used, you’ll find that an Art That Fits Giclee is more expensive than a poster; however, far less expensive than the original. With Art That Fits you can have the best of both worlds – high quality and a great price. Experience the joy of living with the art you love. Experience Art That Fits!